Abbott, Cynthia (fl1960s): provided d/w illustrations for the reprints of the two career novels Joan Goes Farming and Rennie Goes Riding both in 1961.

Ambrus, Victor: (b.1935) For a long time resident artist on the Time Team UK Television programme. He provided one drawing for Sure Magic when reprinted in 1996 by Robinson's Children's Books.

Archer, Peter

Baker, John (fl1950s): Provided the dustwrapper for Killer Dog.

Bennett, Ann (fl 1970s): Provided the dustwrapper design for the New Portway edition of Punchbowl Harvest.

Biro, 'Val'

Bolian, Polly The artist who provided the dustwrapper for the American edition of Dolphin Summer

Brookes, Kenneth

Bullen, Anne

Dunlop, Gilbert

Floyd, Gareth (b.1940): Illustrated Sure Magic when reprinted in C Pullein Thompson's collection in 1975.

Frick, Waltraut and Ottmar: illustrated the Arena Taschenbuch edn of Killer Dog published in 1965.

Friede-Tatja, Cristel: Artist of the bright cover of the Dutch hardback edition of Hidden in a Dream.

Gernat, Mary (1926-1998)

Giblin, Jeannette: Illustrated the reprint of Sure Magic when reprinted in Girl's Choice.

Godfrey, David: Illustrated the extract from Cargo of Horses entitled Lantern Light to Moonlight.

Green, Charles

Hughes, Shirley

Hunt, James Illustrated the first edition of the short story The Champions.

Jawdokimov: Provided the d/w illus for the first edition of A Wind is Blowing.

Kausche-Kongsbak, Eva: provided the cover illustration for the german edition of A Wind is Blowing, published in 1973.

Kennedy, Richard Pitt

King, Gordon

Kulle, Werner: provided the cover illustration for the german edition of Under the Rose, published in 1973.

Lomas, Tania: provided cover illustrations for the large print editions of The Unsought Farm and The Cats of Punchbowl Farm in the 1990s.

Lüsch, Richard (fl 1970s) Artist who provided the cover illustration for the Swedish edition of Cargo of Horses published in 1972.

Michel, Otmar: provided the cover picture for the Arena-Taschenbuch edition of Killer Dog


Newton, Dorothea Warren

Paton, Lindsey: the author's grand-daughter. She provided an excellent map for the endpapers of Badger Valley

Puddephat, Neal When The Champions was reprinted in 1999 in the collection Classic Horse and Pony Stories he provided the illustrations.

Ratcliffe, Sheila Illustrator of the Goodchild edition of Hidden in a Dream.

Reid, Alison: illustrated a reprint of the short story The Champions in the 1964 collection A Book of Girl Stories.

Rose, Sheila

Sheppard, Raymond (fl 1950s): illustrated the short story Sure Magic in its first appearance.

Stobbs, William (b. 1914): illustrated the short story The Great Horse in its first appearance.

Tulloch, Maurice (1894-1974): illustrated the short story Such a Pony Was Gipsy in its first appearance.

Tunnicliffe, Charles (1901-1979)

Wade, Eric: illustrated the short story Caesar's Fire in its first appearance.

Walton, Eileen

Wanklyn, Joan (1924-1999)

Whittam, Geoffrey (b1916)

Wilson, Maurice: Provided the dustwrapper illustration for The Badgers of Punchbowl Farm

Wilson, Molly: (fl1940s) illustrator of the short story Serena Bathover's Horses.

Wood, Leslie (b.1920)

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