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Girls Gone By Publishers

The most frustrating thing about Monica Edwards books for years has been their lack of availability. Speaking not as a collector but as a reader !
And there's the rub. There may be people who collect the books for investment or purely collecting pleasure; a form of tame bloodsport. But I am sure that nearly all the seekers of those elusive books written by Monica Edwards do so in order, simply, to read them.

This is where Clarissa Cridland and Ann Mackie-Hunter come in.
A few years ago they started publishing paperback editions of some of the books which were very difficult to find in any edition, by authors such as Elinor Brent-Dyer. Works which, if found at all, would proved inordinately expensive to buy. And they issued them in their full, original, text for less than ten pounds. (Now £13 inc postage within UK since 1st April 2012*)

They named their concern Girls Gone By as at that time it seemed that most of the books would be School Stories aimed at girls.
The books, as many of you will know, are excellently produced: good paper, clear, original text, well bound with the original illustrations and in beautiful covers of the rare dustwrappers. Some have introductory notes about the books, but the main point is that for £13 you could buy and read the original story.

The books are available, until the print run runs out, direct from the publishers or (even when 'out of print') from various dealers by post or at bookfairs, or shops. Their list has increased steadily and now includes many important children's authors whose books are ignored by main-stream publishers or have been altered so much that the original text is a new experience for the reader.

In May 2005 they brought out their first Monica Edwards book Storm Ahead. It was followed by No Entry in November. Both contain extra material relevant to the story and of interest to the reader of Monica's books.

The first fifteen of these books up to and including Spirit of Punchbowl Farm have a Preface to each book, written by Monica Edwards' daughter, Shelley, each written individually for the book and illustrated with family photographs.

Each one has an illustrated publishing history and many have other articles relevant to the book. Two, The Wanderer and The White Riders include a short story by Monica Edwards as an 'extra'.

Twelve years on they are now up to their twenty-second, Cargo of Horses, published in November 2017.
There remain only three titles from the main series which have not yet appeared in these special, valuable, editions with their unique extra material.

In Summary - their list (so far):
Storm Ahead 2005
No Entry 2005
Hidden in a Dream 2006
The Nightbird 2006
Operation Seabird 2007
Strangers to the Marsh 2007
No Going Back 2008
The Hoodwinkers 2008
Dolphin Summer 2009
A Wind is Blowing 2009
The Wild One 2010
Fire in the Punchbowl 2010
Black Hunting Whip 2011
Punchbowl Midnight 2011
Spirit of Punchbowl Farm 2012
The Wanderer 2012 (includes Sure Magic short story) 2016
Punchbowl Harvest 2013
Frenchman's Secret 2013
The Cownappers 2014
The Outsider 2015
The White Riders (includes The Telegram short story) 2016
Cargo of Horses 2017* 2017 * very low stock at publishers (January 2018)

They have also published both of Brian Parks' guide-books to the two series.
The first, The Romney Marsh Companion, much rewritten and expanded since first self-published, became available in mid-summer 2006 .
The second volume - similarly expanded and revised, The Punchbowl Companion was published in April 2012.

Brian Parks' Biography of Monica Edwards was published in February 2010.
Details can be found on each book's page.
If ordering remember that non-fiction titles are £16 inc postage within the UK * - as they are Band 'B' productions.

Another book which has interest for Monica Edwards' readers was published in 2013 by Girls Gone By. It is Heroines on Horseback, by Jane Badger. It is a study of the history of the Pony Story in children's literature from its beginnings and includes a chapter on Monica Edwards. Other authors and many illustrators are featured. For more information - see the link within the title and the Girls Gone by site.
The book is a 'Band B' production. These are a larger format than the novels and have a wealth of illustrations. It is the same price as the Monica Edwards Biography and Brian Parks' Guides.

When new books are announced, or are listed as 'in print' they may be ordered direct from the publisher. Once published these pre-ordered copies will be sent out.
Orders for and 'out of print' books should go to dealers. A list of those dealers who keep stock can be found on the GGBP website. Select 'Book Titles' at the top of the page and 'Dealers' from the drop-down box.

Their site is linked via their logo at the top of this page, or they can be contacted by email at or write to:

The Vicarage, Church Street,

* for ordering details and costs, which vary with payment method and destination - see the Girls Gone By site.

* Titles thus indicated are still in print and can be obtained from the publishers at the time of updating - see date at bottom of page.

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