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Annuals and other anthologies etc containing ME works.

Armada Books

Badger, Jane: Book dealer and author of Heroines on Horseback

Bill Edwards.

Biography by Brian Parks.

Bodley Head


Bygone Rye Harbour.

Camber Castle: 1, Guidebook

Castle Farm 1, 2

Children's Book Club

Children's Newspaper 1, 2, 3

Children's Press

Collections containing ME works.

Collins Crown Library

Collins Evergreen Library

The Collins Magazine 1, 2

Collins Pony Library

Collins Seagull Library

Crusty Crampton

The Dawn Killer film.

Evergreen Magazine

Facebook page

The Ferry-Hut News.


Foreign Editions

'From the Punchbowl'

Girls Gone By Publishers

Goodchild Editions: intro, on sale, link to Bookshop site and dustwrappers.

Heroines on Horseback

Isis Publishers.

Jo Kirkham and Rye booklets.

Laurel and Gold series.


The Martello

Michael Joseph

The Monica Edwards Appreciation Society

Morris, William

Nanti photo.

Parks, Brian: author of The Punchbowl Companion; The Romney Marsh Companion
and Monica Edwards - The Biography

Puffin Books

Punchbowl Companion, The

Punchbowl Farm

References to the author in other books and magazines etc.

Romney Marsh Companion, The

Rye Harbour:
a: Monica Edwards at
b: as Westling
c: Bygone Rye Harbour.

Rye Memories booklets.

St Brandon's Clergy Daughters' School.

Scottie Books



Six shilling editions


Vashti photo.



Wright, Richard

The Young Elizabethan Magazine 1, 2