Monica Edwards Books In Print

In 2005 Girls Gone By publishers obtained the publishing rights for Monica Edwards books.

Since 2005 they have republished all but the first few of the Marsh series and, in 2010, started to republish the Punchbowl Farm series, initially publishing the rare later books.

These editions are all paperbacks with covers from the original dust-wrappers; with complete original text, unlike many previous paperbacks and reissues; original illustrations and extra articles.

For full details see their page on this site by following the above link.

The following books are all listed on bookshop websites including and as being available. These nine are fiction, the Goodchild editions, mainly hardbacks. With the exception of Hidden in a Dream they have no illustrations.

They were sensitively 'updated' by the author before publication, and some are abridged, appearing to follow the Armada text (see the Abridged - Results page).

Sadly Mr Goodchild was ill before the full range of books were published, and these nine are the only ones so treated.

Although listed, it may well be that stocks of the books have diminished, and there is no guarantee that they are still available. For the latest news on this point, and to look at the books, try the Goodchild Bookshop site.

Children's Fiction
Wish For a Pony
The Midnight Horse
The White Riders
Black Hunting Whip
Cargo of Horses
Punchbowl Midnight
Hidden in a Dream
Spirit of Punchbowl Farm
Strangers to the Marsh

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