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The new Monica Edwards Appreciation Society founded in the summer of 2007 has a site and can also be reached by email or by letter to:

The Martello,
71 Brownrigg Crescent,
RG12 2PY

For more information on the republication of Monica Edwards' books by Girls Gone By publishers, and to order them when published, see their site at or email them or write to:
Girls Gone By
The Vicarage,
Church Street,
click on logo to visit site
Click on logo to visit site

May 2010: Brian Parks has set up a Facebook page for Monica Edwards.

I must repeat the link to the Goodchild Bookshop site here, in case it's missed in the 'In Print' section.

Monica Edwards interest in Badgers can be followed up by visiting the site of the Hastings Badger Protection Society .

Rye Harbour has Rye which has photographs submitted by residents. Really worth a visit.

Rye is well represented with sites at East Sussex Guide, Rye Tourism, The Official Guide to Rye, and Wild Rye.

Monica left the Wild Valley to The Woodland Trust, and would have appreciated support for their work.

And one must never forget the work and dedication of The R.N.L.I.

Children's Books and other Author sites

For information about children's books and collecting, the main site seems to be: Collecting Books and Magazines.

Another of my favourite childhood authors, Malcolm Saville, has a New Society site at The Malcolm Saville Society.
I have opened The Malcolm Saville Centenary Website for him and his books at

There are many Arthur Ransome related sites, but the main one is The Arthur Ransome Society. To see some lovely rare dustwappers of his books, see Robert Thompson's site.

'Folly' magazine, I've mentioned a few times as it's had some lovely articles about Monica Edwards.
The magazine ran for 60 issues, and four(?) 'Christmas Specials' before drawing to a close. It is greatly missed.
Its site is still on the net, and the index to the earlier issues' contents can be found there.

The illustrator enthusiast should also look at the Ladybird Book site The Wee Web site.
This site looks at all these illustrated books and is building an extensive database of Children's authors and illustrators.

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