Published Work:
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Children's Novels (Series)
Wish For a Pony

No Mistaking Corker

The Summer of the Great Secret

The Midnight Horse

The White Riders

Black Hunting Whip

Cargo of Horses

Punchbowl Midnight

Hidden in a Dream

Spirit of Punchbowl Farm

Storm Ahead

The Wanderer

No Entry

Punchbowl Harvest

The Nightbird

Frenchman's Secret

Operation Seabird

Strangers to the Marsh

The Cownappers

No Going Back

The Outsider

The Hoodwinkers

Dolphin Summer

Fire in the Punchbowl

The Wild One

A Wind is Blowing

Non-Series Fiction:
Killer Dog

Under the Rose

Career Fiction:
Joan Goes Farming

Rennie Goes Riding

The Unsought Farm

The Cats of Punchbowl Farm

The Badgers of Punchbowl Farm

The Valley and the Farm

Badger Valley

In Lasting Loveliness

Morning at Highnoons Farm

Operation Evenstar

Punch Bowl Farm

Film Script
The Dawn Killer

Wind Blown November

Short Stories:
The Irresponsible Rescue

Serena Bathover's Horses

The Horse that Came from the Sea

A Sort of Miracle

Sure Magic

The Champions

Bird in the Hand

Such A Pony Was Gipsy

The Telegram

Caesar's Fire

The Great Horse

Lantern Light to Moonlight

A False Impression